iTero Scanner

The iTero Scanner is one of the most exciting achievements in dentistry to date. This device is capable of mapping your mouth in a fashion that is comfortable, reliable, safe, and accurate. With the iTero Scanner, you not only avoid impressions that can be a nuisance and uncomfortable, but you also get your aligners back much faster! With impressions, there was shipping time and the time necessary to scan the impressions themselves. The iTero Scanner is a high-technology scanning wand that can create a digital map of your mouth. The image can be used for diagnostic purposes or Invisalign fabrication. After we have finished taking snapshots of your entire oral cavity, we then create a 3-dimensional landscape using digital photography.

3D Printers

Essentially, Clear aligners couldn’t exist without digital technologies such as 3D printers. 3D printers allow us to capture an impression of your teeth with a 3D intraoral scanner. We then are able to use this model to plan the progressive stages between the current and desired teeth positions.