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Patient Testimonials

Our Patients are the best. These folks absolutely loved their experience at Just Orthodontics, and we’re confident you will too.

Kayla K.
09:55 24 Nov 21
The staff are always smiling, energetic, and ready to help. Just Orthodontics makes braces fun!
Angela J.
13:10 18 Nov 21
We are finished with the first phase of the braces process and are close to starting phase two. Our experience has been wonderful! My daughter looks forward to all her appointments and now feels more confident about her smile as she’s already seeing results and can’t wait to see how everything turns out! 🙂
melissa B.
07:16 17 Nov 21
We have been with Dr Just’s office for years through the phases and we are always happy with interactions and appointments!Every experience we have at Dr Just’s office is excellent! The staff is amazing and friendly. Always in and out, no long waits. They go above and beyond for their clients, my daughter is always happy to go there and is never scared! Thank you!
21:42 06 Oct 21
Dr. Just and his competent staff gave me great service, starting with the assessment, and then providing the services I needed at the time. I found them to be both professional and compassionate.
Dana P.
12:41 02 Sep 21
Our daughter decided on Invisalign for her teeth. We were skeptical knowing that dedication to the process is needed. The team at Just Orthodontics did an amazing job educating, doing following up, as well as affordable. I highly recommend Dr. Just.
Mayra S.
15:41 27 Aug 21
Excellent all around service! Dr. Just spoke directly to my 11 yr old son and explained what the issues were, what he would do, the timing and the expected results. They make it fun for the patient (claw machine and ice cream) and comfortable for the parent (massage chairs). Every single staff member was professional, very nice and expedient. In less than 1.5 hours we had our initial consult and walked out with a chipped tooth repaired as well as braces on the top and bottom sets of teeth. At the end a staff member again spoke directly to my son and modeled how to care for his new braces. I highly recommend!
Kelly K.
18:46 14 Aug 21
Reese always loves coming to her appointments at Just Orthodontics! The staff is so friendly, and the appointments are very quick! Thanks!
Leah H.
00:07 28 Jul 21
The staff was kind and friendly. They answered all of our questions. We had our consult and were in and out of the office, with new braces on my daughter, in less then an hour!
Hua X.
10:09 27 Jul 21
Love the atmosphere and treatment care.
Ryan W.
13:57 16 Jun 21
All three daughters have gotten braces here. Staff is kind and office is extremely clean.
13:47 12 May 21
Amazing staff and great work!
Mama G
12:12 07 May 21
I always get wonderful service here.
Julia L
11:57 07 May 21
I have a lot of anxiety when it comes to dental work. It was incredible to walk into Just Orthodintics and see a line of massage chairs, arcade games, and a claw machine! It didn’t even feel like an orthodontist office, and that’s the point. The staff were very kind and put me at ease. My procedure was done in 15 minutes. I can’t recommend enough!
krissy H.
11:33 26 Mar 21
i thoroughly enjoyed watching my child get her braces put on. the team of 3 worked like 1 person- i’ve never seen a better oiled machine! obviously a lot of training, trust, and communication between them. our options were laid out before work began, investment was discussed, and there were no surprises. dr just had a wonderful bedside manner. the space was incredibly teen friendly. very pleased with our experience.
Katie L.
12:14 03 Mar 21
My 8 year old has some spacing issues with her top teeth. The staff at Just Orthodontics was very friendly amd welcoming. The consult went very quickly and she had braces put on before we left the office. I was impressed with the amount of time each person took to talk with us and they showed that they really cared.
Tristan E.
20:14 15 Jan 21
All of our children had come here. Dr. Just is kind and professional and the quality of staffing is the best!
Amy M.
13:52 13 Jan 21
Just Orthodontics has been a wonderful place to take my girls for their dental needs. They are fair and honest and have produced great results! We highly recommend Just Orthodontics.
Kari B.
00:09 25 Dec 20
Just orthodontics made the whole process easy to afford and understand, the staff is beyond friendly, they really do make you feel like family and I’d use them over and over again.
Bobby L.
02:40 19 Dec 20
I would recommend Just Orthodontics because the staff are so kind, they are very efficient getting me in and out, and they are helping me get my smile back! I am the 5th child in my family to come to Just Orthodontics and we all love it!
D H.
14:42 15 Dec 20
Hands down the best orthodontics along the lakeshore. I’ve had 2 kids go through the process and have been very pleased with everything about JUST.
Kristi S.
13:08 08 Dec 20
I’m so thankful for Just. They are always on time and are quick. The office staff is always incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. They never make me feel like I’m inconveniencing them with questions. I appreciate the payment plans.
Leesha D.
17:43 09 Oct 20
The employees are very nice and gentle. 🙂
Amy M.
13:18 13 Sep 20
I can’t believe how perfect my son’s smile is. And the customer service at Just Orthodontics is untouchable. Their team does an amazing job!!
Kirstin R.
21:24 19 Aug 20
Organized, efficient, professional and friendly! They make everything so easy!
Jessica W.
15:22 11 Aug 20
My daughter got her top braces off. Staff was kind and kept us both safe and comfortable.
jayna D.
05:15 31 Jul 20
We absolutely LOVE everyone and everything about our experience at Just Orthodontics!!! They took the time to make sure my 8 yr old daughter understood everything and made her feel so special. We are so glad we chose Just Orthodontics. Thank you.
Kari G.
16:45 28 Jul 20
Everyone was super friendly and made us feel at home. Dr. Just was very thorough and explained everything so my child could understand.
Jenny O.
13:43 23 Jul 20
We came for a consultation and that was it. The staff was so warm and welcoming and Dr Just explained everything making sure all questions were answered. Like I said we came for a consult and left with braces. My daughter was the o e who decided to put the care of her teeth in the hands of Just Orthodontics and As a mom, I fully backed her choice. Great office atmosphere, great staff, would highly recommend Just Orthodontics!!
Juanita Yasmeen I.
11:17 16 Jul 20
You all are great! I was very happy with your services.
Melissa E.
14:46 15 Jul 20
They were concerned about my daughter’s health and safety when we checked in. They were quick to fix her problem and we did not feel rushed during the appointment.
Lorena B.
19:23 10 Jul 20
I always feel welcomed at the office and kids have plenty of things to entertain themselves while waiting.
Chad S.
16:38 01 Jul 20
Great service, made us feel like family!
Mary L.
13:44 25 Jun 20
We just love Dr. Just! Our daughter’s teeth are beautiful, and our son will be getting his braces off this year (earlier than expected). Everyone is so friendly and helpful!
Melissa B.
17:44 24 Jun 20
Since the first time going to see Dr. Just my son has always enjoyed going to his appointments. The staff is very nice and helpful to him when he has a wire pop-out or a brace that has fallen off. We would recommend to everyone.
Connie T.
00:22 24 Jun 20
Glad we chose Just. The staff was very friendly and polite. They made me feel comfortable. The office was clean and appointments were always on time. They were offered after school too. Would definitely recommend!
Toni B.
12:26 16 Jun 20
Being an adult with braces I couldn’t ask for a better place to have gotten them done. Everyone is so accommodating and friendly. Whenever you go in you are told what will be happening today and they are always on time. They have gone above and beyond during Covid-19 as well! Even though I still have braces I feel so much more confident and better about my smile. Thank you all so much for all you do!
Erika K.
13:07 10 Jun 20
Dr Just and staff are the best! They are always friendly, prompt, and just want the very best for their patients. My daughter is within a few appointments of getting her braces off and we are thrilled with how great her smile is looking already. They go above and beyond to give great customer service- for example, over quarantine when they were closed, mydaughter ran out of rubber bands and they mailed us some the same day.We are incredibly pleased and would recommend Dr Just to everyone!!
Kelly K.
20:03 06 Jun 20
Great service and followed safety procedures!
Amy R.
14:18 05 Jun 20
Dr. Just and all of the ladies were super friendly. They made me feel comfortable so I wasn’t even nervous.
Ashley G.
12:41 05 Jun 20
Went in and everyone is very nice and works diligently. They got my girls right in and before I knew it Dr Just was with us telling us his plans etc and we were on our way
Kari B.
16:40 02 Jun 20
I am always greeted with a smile and made right at home every visit. Wouldn’t change a thing, wonderful and Very kind, straightforward staff all appointments are 10 minutes or less
Michelle Z.
00:58 30 May 20
Update: My daughter is now 15 and still loves Just! Here is her current review: The staff was very nice, everything was clean, their social distancing practices were good!Original post: This is the review from my 13 year old. She absolutely loves the office and staff (and I agree): They are super kind, nice and friendly. They made me laugh. And they made me feel like I belonged there and was welcome. I really liked the gifts and ice cream, too.
Wendy H.
17:50 29 May 20
This was our first visit to Just Orthodontics and it was a wonderful experience!! The staff were friendly, pleasant, and very informative. I loved the way Dr. Just addressed my daughter with her treatment plan so she fully understood what she would be dealing with. He made it very personal to her and made her feel a part of the process. When I was a kid my parents were addressed and I feel its important that the kids be a part of the process… so thank you Dr. Just and thank you to the staff at Just Orthodontics!!
D H.
13:00 29 May 20
Hands down the best orthodontics along the lakeshore. I’ve have 2 kids go through the process and have been very pleased with everything about JUST.
Darcy Johnson, M.
11:18 29 May 20
Thank you for making the process of checking in and having an appointment so easy! The communication was awesome and we felt at ease with the efficiency and effort to safeguard everyone! The progress report and future appointment information was excellent. Thanks for making it so awesome.
Jason H.
16:17 27 May 20
The staff at Just Orthodontics is helpful and friendly!
kami F.
13:12 13 May 20
They were super friendly the minute I walked in. As this is a difficult thing to do at age 25 they made me feel completely comfortable.
jenny D.
08:50 12 May 20
Always friendly and s very comfortable pleasant environment
Rochelle S.
12:05 08 May 20
Dr. Just and staff are so friendly, professional, and fast! My daughter had her braces put on and we were on our way in less than 40 minutes. Always running right on time, always pleasant and professional.
Jill W.
13:24 07 May 20
After two years my daughter got her braces off! The staff went above and beyond to make her feel comfortable during these uncertain times. They are exemplary with their communication with parents and handling of patient needs.
Katrina M.
23:02 06 May 20
Just orthodontist staff are always very nice, greeting us with a smile. They seem to be efficient and are always running on time. Lately with this covid 19 going on and their office closed for a while they were very helpful in talking me through solving a loose tooth problem for my daughter. We had our first appointment since they have been able to open again and they had a very good set up to screen and limit people up in office.
Myka R.
21:15 05 May 20
Excellent professional and efficient service!
Jennifer K.
21:10 23 Mar 20
Dr. Just was awesome through the entire process. My daughter now has a beautiful smile thanks to Dr. Just. I’ll definitely go back if (or when) my other children need orthodontics.
Cole B.
11:48 18 Mar 20
Dr. Just and his whole staff are amazing with my kids. Even my daughter, who is terrified to go to the dentist, has no problems going to Dr. Just’s office. Thank you all!
Heather L.
15:51 15 Mar 20
We love the Just team! What a blessing to have an ortho team like this so close by … especially for Nora. As a cleft kiddo, she has needed and will continue to need more “intense” orthodontic care. Dr. Just has been so supportive of this and he and the office have been graciously partnering with Nora’s cleft team at CHW. We SO appreciate the Just “family”!
Bethany Ann D.
21:47 11 Mar 20
The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you for giving my son his beautiful new smile.
Brian T.
20:13 27 Feb 20
Everyone I asked said Just Orthodontics was the best place to take my son for braces and they were right. Everyone that works there is friendly and helpful and they make the kids feel welcome. A bonus is all the incentives for the kids to earn cool prizes just for wearing their shirts and following directions. I would strongly encourage anyone looking for a place to take their child for braces to look into Just Orthodontics.
Jennifer Z.
16:10 18 Feb 20
My son went from scared to excited. I can’t even explain how special you made him feel. Attention to every detail. THIS is what it means to have excellent customer service. And it started with the welcome sign before we even opened the front door ❤️
Lori S.
12:57 18 Feb 20
My oldest daughter came here now the younger one is. The staff is so friendly and helps when needed
Jamie B.
14:48 15 Feb 20
Fast, fast, fast! We never wait to be called back! Super fast, thorough service! Highly recommend!
Naima R.
16:31 13 Feb 20
Awesome super kid friendly and patient
Whintur T.
17:32 07 Feb 20
From the first phone call to the office I could tell I was dealing with people who really cared. They got us in fast and had already verified our insurance and told us what they would pay. The office is nice and inviting. Things to keep both parents and kids happy. The nurses and doctor was great. Very informative and professional. Dr. Just gave us his reccomdations for braces was to wait and check back every 6 months. Very honest. Then all of the payment options were covered with me before we left for our future reference. I felt very comfortable in insuring we would absolutely be going back and this is where when it is time we will seek treatment.
Kayla H.
03:52 07 Feb 20
Everyone here was so great with my kids. They are 2 and 4 and they make it so fun for them. My son left on his way out and said he loves going to the dentist!
Jonette W.
14:32 30 Jan 20
From scheduling the consultation appointment to the review of the plan for our son’s care with Dr. Just, the entire process was amazing. Everyone is wonderful and thoughtful. My son is apprehensive about getting braces and even though we are waiting, he is more understanding of what the process will be and I think he will enjoy his visits to the office.
Abby S.
13:23 29 Jan 20
What an ‘over and above’ friendly place to walk into! They have the consultation process down to a science. Smoothe, informative and relaxed!
Hayley K.
03:59 24 Jan 20
Great, speedy experience! Amazing people, couldn’t ask for a better place!
Lori B.
00:07 24 Jan 20
Just Orthodontics is fantastic! An extremely friendly staff, great office surroundings, and they give you a great smile! You couldn’t ask for any better!
melissa B.
19:04 21 Jan 20
Every experience we have at Dr Just’s office is excellent! The staff is amazing and friendly. Always in and out, no long waits. They go above and beyond for their clients, my daughter is always happy to go there and is never scared! Thank you!
Amy M.
13:56 17 Jan 20
Amazing place! Thanks for making my boys smile extra special.
Katie K.
18:20 16 Jan 20
I had Invisalign done on my bottom teeth! Loved the experience and the results! Also, our 3 daughters go to the pediatric doctors, who are fantastic! Highly recommend!
Melissa E.
13:37 15 Jan 20
They are always so friendly and prompt. My daughter was very nervous about her appointments but they always calmed her down and made it positive.
Kellie S.
21:32 07 Jan 20
Everyone was very kind, professional, thorough and quick. I love that I don’t have to do impressions. They contacted my insurance ahead of time and had everything prepared. They were able to start treatment the SAME DAY. I feel very confident with my decision. Bonus? So much swag!
Chrissy H.
15:07 31 Dec 19
Amazing place! Thanks for making our son feel so comfortable and at ease!
Jamie E.
17:27 30 Dec 19
Great people, great place! Love it here!
Becky G.
18:08 26 Dec 19
My daughter had a 3:40 pm appointment and we ended up showing up very early at 2 pm. We weren’t 100% sure she would get her braces on thought she would have to come back, but they worked her in and did as they needed and they did it all in one day. Very flexible and really appreciated how they worked her in with having a ton of other patients scheduled that same day!
Sara S.
19:08 24 Dec 19
Friendly and efficient visit every single time!
Alicia V.
16:42 19 Dec 19
Always an organized, super quick appointment. I love the efficiency of this office!
Jenny P.
00:25 19 Dec 19
Always Friendly and the result looks even better than we imagined!
jayna D.
16:51 17 Dec 19
We absolutely LOVE everyone and everything about our experience at Just Orthodontics!!! They took the time to make sure my 8 yr old daughter understood everything and made her feel so special. We are so glad we chose Just Orthodontics. Thank you.
Amy W.
01:15 16 Dec 19
What an amazing place!! My daughter and I felt so comfortable right from the start! I have nothing but great things to say!! Super kid friendly!! We will definitely be recommending Just orthodontics to our friends and family!
Paula S.
14:42 13 Dec 19
While my daughter was in the office for an appointment they were able to squeeze me in quick for pictures, x-rays and a consultation about an issue I had.I was so happy with their recommendations I’ve schedule my own appointment!
Mary L.
12:23 13 Dec 19
We just love Dr. Just! Our daughter’s teeth are beautiful, and our son will be getting his braces off this year (earlier than expected). Everyone is so friendly and helpful!
Ashley R.
19:51 12 Dec 19
They are very friendly and I always have a great quick visit
Sam G.
18:29 11 Dec 19
Welcoming and professional atmosphere and staff! JUST an awesome experience!
Sam G.
18:28 11 Dec 19
Welcoming and professional atmosphere and staff! JUST an awesome experience!
Kizzie M.
06:20 10 Dec 19
Dr. Just is amazing. All of the staff are friendly and kind and make my daughter feel great about her smile! They really go above and beyond to ensure their patients and families are happy and well taken care of!
Rachel S.
15:44 04 Dec 19
Just made an appointment for braces.Very happy with information that was provided at time of the consultation. Also, very happy to see all the support/donations this orthodontic office provides to the community!
07:18 27 Nov 19
Everyone was very friendly and explained everything well.
Angie H.
17:27 26 Nov 19
They are very kind and make the children feel ok and not to scared
Aidan K.
21:35 19 Nov 19
My braces break alot
Michelle C.
21:11 19 Nov 19
this orthodontist is very caring for the kids and the employees are very kind and nice they love to talk to the kids and make sure everything is alright
Nicole D.
00:58 18 Nov 19
This was our second child’s turn for braces and since her older brother had a wonderful experience at Just and ended up with a beautiful smile, we knew just where to go when it was our daughter’s turn! 🙂
Lindsey R.
18:11 05 Nov 19
Very welcoming, friendly, clean and knowledgeable staff. They let us take our time in making decisions and we didn’t feel rushed or like a number.
Anou S.
00:20 01 Nov 19
Always have a great experience when my daughter goes for her apts!
Marci P.
11:33 29 Oct 19
Very impressed with the office and the staff. I like how they engaged my daughter to handle her own check in; teaches her how to interact with others and take responsibility. The office was clean and entertaining for all waiting, the staff was very friendly, I did not feel rushed when I had questions, and the meeting took less time than expected. Very happy with our choice!
04:58 28 Oct 19
My daughter Kamryn came in for a consultation to determine if she was going to indeed need braces and if so, what course for treatment Dr. Just had felt was best. Needless to say, Kamryn left with braces about an hour later! We first came to your office when our son Hunter was referred by his dentist for braces which was about 2 years ago. Dr. Just is just a wonderful orthodontist. I love that he addresses the children during the consultation and explains to then step by step what he feels is the best plan of treatment to take and he also explains in great detail, why these steps are necessary. He is kind, soft spoken, and extremely patient. Both our kids really enjoy coming to.the office and that makes things so much easier from a parent’s stand point. From the minute you walk in and are greeted by the friendly and helpful front desk staff, your time spent in the office is a positive and relaxing experience. All the assistants are absolutely wonderful as well, and really take the time to sit with you(and your child if you’re not the patient)and go through what their responsibilities will be come future appointments, what to do if a bracket is broken or a wire pops out, what is not a good idea to eat while your braces are on your teeth, proper cleaning and care of your teeth for the duration of your time in braces, and much more! I would without a doubt recommend Dr. Just to friends and/or family members should they ever need orthodontic care!
Sara W.
02:43 26 Oct 19
The staff is AMAZING. Everyone is so helpful and super nice. I am not sure who was more excited the staff or my son.
Jill W.
21:30 23 Oct 19
The service at Just is always top notch! They are friendly, helpful, and considerate of my daughter’s needs.
Sarah P.
10:58 22 Oct 19
The dental team at Dr Just’s Office is always friendly and very knowledgeable. I would refer anyone that needs any orthodontic treatment to see them. Thank you for all your help.
Neely H.
11:02 17 Oct 19
Dr Just and his staff are so friendly and professional, yet down to earth and personable. Always willing to answer any questions about treatment.
Jenny K.
14:22 15 Oct 19
We have been with Dr. Just for one year now. The plan he mapped out for our daughter has been right on course. The staff is always friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend checking out this upbeat, fun, friendly office!
06:58 20 Sep 19
Attentive service as always, personable and great with kids, very informative. Always satisfied.
Tanya K.
02:13 20 Sep 19
Very professional and personable Dr and staff! The visits are always pleasant and the atmosphere is fun. Appts run on time. Very satisfied!
Jessica G.
16:28 19 Sep 19
Excellent customer service when greeted at the front desk! Nice staff members, enjoyed the complimentary coffee and massage chair
Lori K.
16:17 19 Sep 19
Great place, felt right at home the minute we walked in. Our appointment is schedule and looking forward to this process with your team!
Ericka S.
13:06 18 Sep 19
Great office, tech friendly and still with great customer service. Organized and able to answer questions. Was able to get her braces on the date of her consultation which saved another appointment.
Kristin P.
16:15 02 Sep 19
Great experience. Our daughter was very nervous about going to the initial appointment at Just Orthodontics. From the minute we got there, they put all of us at ease. Entire staff was exceptional and explained everything along the way. Can’t say enough good things about Just Orthodontics.
Mollie F.
06:13 30 Aug 19
Just Orthodontics is full of the most inviting and caring staff I’ve ever met! I walk away with a beautiful smile and such an amazing experience that makes me wish it didn’t have to end! Thank you so much for your wonderful care!
jessi S.
17:30 26 Aug 19
It was a very comfortable first appointment! All staff was very friendly and made me feel at home. All of my questions were answered and I really felt that I left with all the information I needed.
Brady 2.
10:31 20 Aug 19
Always on time, speedy appointments, friendly and great results!!
Kari D.
11:05 15 Aug 19
What a great experience! To the staff who seemed like they really wanted to be at work, to the way my son was included in all conversations, to the quality care we received from Dr. Just.
Rachael A.
21:47 14 Aug 19
It was a great experience for both child and parent alike.
Amayia O.
19:08 13 Aug 19
Very friendly, in without braces & out with them and a well explained description of what my best option was and how the braces are going to give an even more perfect smile! 12/10 recommend.
Amanda S.
18:22 13 Aug 19
Friendly staff, clean beautiful building. Getting a perfect smile feels like a luxury experience at Just!!
Michael H.
11:24 13 Aug 19
This has been an amazing experience for us. From the moment we stepped through the door for our initial consultation to the point where we are at today, it almost feels like you’re working with your family. The staff is amazing, outgoing and friendly, and they are able to answer any question you may have. Dr. Just is very thorough, and is extremely good with kids. My son was nervous when he first started and now he enjoys his visits. Thank you very much for all of the hard work and for making this experience something very easy to deal with.
01:13 02 Aug 19
Dr. Just is awesome! Caring, positive and puts patients at ease. And the staff is so helpful! We definitely recommend JUST Orthodontics to all of our friends looking into orthodontic care.
Jessica W.
14:12 18 Jul 19
We have three children and two have needed braces. The office staff is so friendly. Appointments are quick and I can always get one at a time I need. We just love Just.
Maliwan X.
00:25 10 Jul 19
I’ve been looking for an orthodontist for the longest time, and an so glad I didn’t settle until I saw the reviews for Just Orthodontist. They’re all so friendly and I’m so glad I chose this team. I would definitely recommend for those who are nervous with any ortho work!
Angie S.
13:06 28 Jun 19
My daughter broke her retainer and the staff fit her in before our week long vacation. The staff is always friendly and very accommodating
Alissa U.
15:35 23 Jun 19
First time visiting and I was very impressed with the staff , Dr Just and the entire experience. The entire office worked so well together , you can tell they love their jobs and made us all feel very welcome! My girls loved their goodie bags and can’t wait for their next visit. 🙂
Jodi D.
17:57 21 Jun 19
The whole visit was great! The staff made you feel welcome and very comfortable!
Naomi B.
21:14 30 May 19
Ilana has been going to Dr. Just for around a year now and her braces have been on for about 7 months. Every appointment has been fantastic. They make it fun, easy, quick and she never dreads going there. She is in phase 1 and we anticipate there being a phase 2, but we shall see. We’re very impressed with the entire staff and if anyone ever asks for a recommendation we are quick to say Dr. Just! Thank you!
susan M.
13:37 22 May 19
Amazing place. The atmosphere is upbeat and all the staff is welcoming and happy, which makes your child super comfortable. So glad we came here.
Joe F.
11:39 17 May 19
All office staff including Dr. Just were extremely friendly and easy to work with. I was seen exactly at the time I was scheduled. Very happy with the service I’ve received thus far, looking forward to working with Dr. Just’s staff moving forward
Jenni B.
10:21 17 May 19
Yesterday was my sons consultation for orthodontic treatment. It was a wonderful experience! Everyone was really nice and informative. Dr. Just explained step by step what my son would need to correct his teeth. My son was even able to get his braces on the same day! It is amazing that we didn’t need to schedule another appointment for getting the braces! The team at Just Orthopedics work together seamlessly and it is evident!
Jenni B.
10:21 17 May 19
Yesterday was my sons consultation for orthodontic treatment. It was a wonderful experience! Everyone was really nice and informative. Dr. Just explained step by step what my son would need to correct his teeth. My son was even able to get his braces on the same day! It is amazing that we didn’t need to schedule another appointment for getting the braces! The team at Just Orthopedics work together seamlessly and it is evident!
12:13 14 May 19
Very friendly staff. Everyone took their time to explain things and my daughter was very comfortable and loved all the goodies she got sent home with after getting her braces on.
12:12 14 May 19
Very friendly staff. Everyone took their time to explain things and my daughter was very comfortable and loved all the goodies she got sent home with after getting her braces on.
Scott M.
11:31 10 May 19
Very organized and fast. Very comfortable office and plan was well organized. Staff was great. No complaints.
Kayla T.
11:41 07 May 19
Check out this review I wrote!Very friendly and efficient
Kaylene M.
20:52 01 May 19
Staff is very friendly. Happy and very clean environment. Process and quoting was quick, and affordable! Great payment plans.
Chris J.
12:39 18 Apr 19
My son enjoys going there. The staff is super friendly and Dr. Just is awesome!
Chas D.
12:23 17 Apr 19
Great staff, excellent service. Recommend for sure.
Tina S.
10:55 11 Apr 19
We LOVE how supper friendly and happy Dr. Just and all his staff girls are. Everyone is so very friendly and helpful in every way. Suck a warm welcoming place to walk into. And supper caring for their clients.My son Gabrel loves how fast his teeth have transformed.
13:08 28 Mar 19
We were referred to Just Orthodontics by our dentist. We had heard nothing but positive comments about the practice and it did not disappoint. My daughter loved the office. Who wouldn’t? Cool vibes, super kid AND parent-friendly, very personable staff, practical treatment plan. Our appointments are quick and efficient. My daughter’s smile looks fantastic!!!
Marla O.
15:43 19 Mar 19
It’s really nice. I wouldn’t change anything and the staff is very friendly. I like what Dr. Just is doing with my teeth. I can’t wait to see what my teeth look like when it all done
K&E S.
12:35 19 Mar 19
The office staff was very efficient and friendly. They put Z at ease and it was a great experience. We always felt welcome and never pressured. They have a great system in place that allows the kids to be a big part in their own process. We were very impressed.
Jenny B.
14:30 15 Mar 19
“These are Brooke’s comments…I like how they cater to kids, like tablets when you are waiting, toothbrushes with tooth paste already on them and ice cream! Dr Just is so nice.”
Yvonne M.
13:44 15 Mar 19
I liked the brushing station and the waiting area where I can play games. The dentist was very nice and so was the rest of the staff. My mom liked the coffee.-Victoria, 13 yrs old
Amanda M.
13:26 08 Mar 19
You are very kid friendly. The staff was so nice. I felt very comfortable going into a place I’ve never been. You answered all our questions and went through everything step by step.
Elijah O.
22:52 01 Mar 19
Friendly staff, appts are always on time, overall a pleasant experience!
Michelle M.
01:23 01 Mar 19
Always efficient and friendly❣️
Paul W.
17:15 15 Feb 19
Nice and friendly staff who take the time to explain and answer questions. Meghan is our second daughter to work with Dr. Just and his staff. we are very pleased.
Jamie E.
20:02 07 Feb 19
Dr. Just and everyone in the office are always friendly and helpful. We are currently in the middle of treatment for our second child with Just Orthodontics. The others will be coming here, too, if needed!
Alice G.
01:58 07 Feb 19
This is the only Dr’s office I have been to that actually gets you in at your appointment time. This is a very efficiently run office! We are very pleased with our daughter’s treatment!
Doug M.
20:08 01 Feb 19
Extremely friendly service here. Results have been more than favorable!Thank you Just Ortho!
jenny D.
15:12 31 Jan 19
Great first visit—we felt very welcomed and at ease!
Kristen L.
01:27 26 Jan 19
Nothing but great experiences!
Valerie C.
22:52 25 Jan 19
Everyone is really nice. They explain my treatment to me or why they do certain stuff, and I like that.
Crystal G.
12:34 22 Jan 19
I went in to schedule a consult and the y got me in right away. Very happy so far with my service.
Kristy Buda (.
14:48 15 Jan 19
2nd generation going to Dr. Just for braces and we had an excellent experience… very fast and everything was smooth. Thank you!
Neely H.
12:41 10 Jan 19
Wonderful experience. Very kind and caring staff. Really involved my daughter in the process of getting braces and made her feel as comfortable as possible.
Terese C.
16:06 04 Jan 19
The staff there is very friendly and helpful. I have had 4 children go to Dr Just with multiple visits a month and not once have I ever had to wait to be seen for an appointment!! As a busy working mom running in on a lunch hour or early in the morning before work/school being on time is essential!!! Keep up the good work!
Larry F.
00:25 29 Dec 18
Awesome place with GREAT people!Very friendly and helpful to everyone!
Patti F.
06:57 25 Dec 18
ALL the staff at Dr. Just’s office are absolutely amazing! Kind, concerned, informative! I would recommend anyone in need of orthodontic services should go to Dr. Just! Hands down a great place!
Vincent R.
15:48 21 Dec 18
Vincent and I were very happy we made the choice to go to Just Orthodontics for his braces. The entire visit was wonderful, Dr. Just and the staff made us feel very comfortable. He was even able to get his braces on at the first visit!!! :):)
Matt R.
14:00 19 Dec 18
We are very happy with our beautiful smiles. The staff is always very welcoming & it has a kid friendly atmosphere.
Amy H.
06:57 19 Dec 18
Always friendly staff and on time!
Destinee Vanden P.
16:03 13 Dec 18
The second I stepped foot into Just Orthodontics, I felt welcomed. They gave me a tour of the facility, talked to me about my options, were extremely friendly, and even offered ice cream at the end of my visit. It was amazing that I could just walk in, and within an hour, I was walking out with my braces on. I would highly recommend Just Orthodontics to anyone!
Tanya Ten P.
11:56 11 Dec 18
We were so happy and impressed with how inviting and professional Dr. Just and his staff was. My son was super nervous. They reassured him everything would be just fine. Can’t wait to see that beautiful smile in the end.
Laura K.
12:59 04 Dec 18
My daughter, Ella, has had her braces on for nearly a year and she is almost ready to get them off! She is in the final phase and ahead of schedule! Her teeth look gorgeous! I can’t wait to see that beautiful smile once the braces come off this summer! Dr. Just and his staff do an amazing job making everyone’s smile gorgeous! Thank you for all your hard work with my daughter’s teeth!
Amy M.
18:30 27 Nov 18
Highly recommended. The staff is wonderful and appointments are on time. Very efficient, exceptionally fast service, and as always, very pleased with my Son’s results. We are typically in and out within 10 minutes.We love Just Orthodontics!
Miranda T.
15:59 21 Nov 18
Just Orthodontics is absolutely amazing!!! The entire staff is so welcoming and made my sons feel so comfortable. Dr. Just explained the plan so my son could understand everything that would happen. The procedure was quick and we were provided lots of details on how to care for the braces and expected timeline. I definitely will come back for my other boys. Just Orthodontics definitely makes you feel like part of the family!!!!
Jennifer R.
01:40 15 Nov 18
Everyone is very friendly in the office! Made the experience very easy for my son.
CaSondra G.
19:51 13 Nov 18
We love Dr. Just and his team. They are always very professional, prompt and make you feel like family.
Lucas H.
15:44 10 Nov 18
All three of my kids have gone to Dr.Just. They actually look forward to going! I enjoy the speed and efficiency of the office and the free coffee.
husky G.
02:47 11 Oct 18
Very understanding the staff is very pleasant to patients and welcoming
Amy S.
14:56 26 Sep 18
I brought my daughter in for a consultation and was amazed at how friendly and helpful all the staff was. We felt comfortable and appreciated that everyone was so kind and caring. Dr. Just has a great personality, he made my daughter feel like he had a plan that would help fix her problem and instilled confidence that her smile would greatly improve. We had the consult and my daughter had her braces put on right after. They walked us through the treatment and procedure so we understood and felt comfortable with moving forward right away. We appreciate all the smiling faces. We left feeling like they all really care greatly for people. It was a great experience.
Sara S.
14:12 25 Sep 18
Found the staff really welcoming and informative, especially for being a non-traditional client.
Trista F.
21:34 05 Sep 18
The staff as wonderful from the second we walked through the doors. Making my daughter and myself very comfortable with the stress of going through this process. Dr. Just was also wonderful showing all the things that he could accomplish. I have recommended Just Ortho already to other people who are thinking about pursuing braces for their children.
Heidi M.
00:19 30 Aug 18
We had a wonderful first visit! Dr. Just was very thorough and kind in his explanations of everything. We went home with a whole bag of fun promotional items and a new set of braces! Love that they give you a kit with all kinds of special tools to keep your braces keep. That is so helpful! And the scoop of ice cream on the way out the door didn’t hurt either! 🙂
Jennifer H.
10:55 28 Aug 18
I was very pleased with the details, explanations, and education that went along with my child getting braces. All of the staff is nice, too.
Robert C.
16:31 23 Aug 18
Very friendly. My kids felt very comfortable. My son loved the Xbox and ipods
Kirstin R.
14:33 18 Aug 18
Always an excellent experience. Staff is phenomenal and always timely.
Monique C.
14:48 07 Aug 18
I was impressed by the level of customer service I received from the Just Orthodontics staff. I felt every person I encountered truly wanted to be at work that day. From start to finish it was a great experience. That is so rare these days. Dr. Just talked to us about my son’s treatment plan in a way both myself and my 12 year old could understand. I have seen many of your promotional materials both in person and on social media and at various events (one in which I was in charge of) and I appreciate all the great causes you donate to. Keep up the great work!
Holly P.
14:29 03 Aug 18
Wonderful staff and perfect environment for first time braces! We’re so happy that we chose to go with the Just crew. They are fabulous!!
Tamara S.
01:11 27 Jul 18
Great customer service and an amazing staff!
Melissa E.
13:00 19 Jul 18
Very friendly and understanding. Process was quick and easy!
Emersyn H.
19:20 16 Jul 18
This is our third child to have braces with Dr. Just’s office. We always have the most upbeat, courteous, and responsive experiences. Dr. Just and his staff are some of the kindest and welcoming people I’ve met. The consultations are thorough and organized in a way that leaves no questions to be had. The office is trendy, fun, and inviting. Wouldn’t choose any other provider!
Jaylene F.
22:04 13 Jul 18
Always the best experience @ Just Orthodontics!!! I would recommend them to anyone looking to find their smile!!!