Top 10 Reasons To Pick Us

Just Ortho Sand10) Clinical Excellence

Dr. Just has been trained at some of the very best dental schools: Marquette and Northwestern and has taken hundreds of hours of continuing education which has made him a trusted expert in the field

9) Legendary Customer Service

We receive compliments daily regarding the amazing service we provide to our patients and their families. There is nothing our dedicated team will not do for you. Our goal is to make every experience with our office pleasant and enjoyable, whether it’s a quick phone call or an hour-long visit. When you come to Just Orthodontics, you will notice a remarkable difference!

8) Leading-edge Technologies

We use the most advanced methods available including clear braces, high-tech wires and Invisalign.

7) We Run on Time

It may not seem like a big deal, but think about some of your experiences at other medical professionals. Sometimes the standard rule is to wait 30 or more minutes to be seen by the doctor. We find that to be unacceptable and we make keeping our schedule on track one of our primary focuses. Respecting your time is just one more way to take care of our patients.

6) Before and After School Appointments Available

We know that most of our patients are in school and that many schools frown upon missing class for orthodontic appointments. We also understand that parents have busy schedules with work and other commitments as well. Therefore we make it easy for you. We purposely create extra appointments slots early in the morning and also in the early to mid-afternoon for regular adjustments.

5) On-Site Lab

Our on-site lab makes all retainers and orthodontic appliances, expediting delivery for our patients. Typically, appliances are delivered the same week impressions are taken. Having a lab on-site means that if a patient loses or damages an appliance, a new one can be made quickly, ensuring that treatment isn’t delayed.

4) Active Member of the Community

We are proud to support several organizations in the communities in which we live and work. There is no better feeling than knowing we may have touched lives outside of our office.

3) We’re Affordable

We understand that orthodontic treatment is an investment so we offer a variety of payment options so that each patient can choose the option that best fits their financial needs.

2) Highly Trained Team

Our caring professional team members have more that 150+ collective years of experience in the dental field. Our team is committed to learning and innovating through continuing education and showing each and every patient how special he or she is.

1) We are FUN!